Alpha Vero

Alpha Vero

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Caramelgoddess By caramelxgoddess Updated May 28

He had me cornered against the wall. I didn't know where I could go, I don't know how he snuck into my room but he did.  All I could do was stare into his mesmerizing eyes, they were so beautiful. 

"Who do you belong to darling?" His words had taken me out of my thoughts. 

"Um...." I couldn't speak all I could do was stand there and hope that he didn't notice how aroused I was becoming. 

"Who... Do you belong to.... Darling?" He had pressed himself harder against me. He was growing restless I could feel it my wolf was begging me to submit to him. 

"..... You..." I whispered. So I did. 

"That's right and you will always be MINE!" He growled. 

Then he bit me.

Simple cat eye. What an oxymoron. THEYRE NEVER EVEN THE FIRST TIME DÀMMIT
BeccaAllsop BeccaAllsop Jun 29
Just thought I'd mention but wtf is wrong with the muscles on his stomach? I thought you could only get a six pack and that's that?
If she's already irritated by just the mention of his name, does that mean her wolf already knows her mate by name ? :/
Gurl, if he thinks bad if you if you're wearing a full face of makeup...fûck him. I don't mean have sèx with him, I mean fûck him UP. If he doesn't like you with a full face of makeup that make you feel pretty, he doesn't deserve you. You do you boo boo!
That sounded so calm😂😏 like she was totally alright with it i would be freak|ng out 😂😂
This may be because I'm British and suck at sports,  it I have no clue what winterguard is 🙄