The hoodie girl fall in love twice

The hoodie girl fall in love twice

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As soon as I continue to think i heard my door burst open and i saw an angry Zack and an upset but scared Alexia.

"Hi Zac.....

"Don't Hi Zack me i would like to know why my ssster,your sister was unconscious in the middle of the school hall."

I was about to answer her but got interupted by

"ALLEN THORN WHY ON EARTH......... on man Zack we wanted to knocked down the door.????? said 

Oh shoot

~Zack's p.o.v~
Oh shit

~?????'s p.o.v~
After this I'm going to eat my cake
~Alexia's p.o.v~  
I'm so screwed of all people why her.

I'm just going to back out slowly and hope that Lucy,her twin,Scarlet,Storm or Esra doesn't see me.

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