Black Demon of Konoha (Naruto)

Black Demon of Konoha (Naruto)

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Lunatic Queen~☆ By Nerdy_n_Proud Completed

Bloody Death, as she has named herself, is back in her home village, Konoha. She came for a reason, a mission she was sent on by the most important person in her life. She has to keep her many secrets while she still is yet to discover who she is. Even though she thinks she's alone she gets close to team seven, the team she's placed on. 

So far life is just a game that she needs to beat, but will she learn otherwise?

-Disclaimer: The Naruto series belongs to Kishimoto. I only own only my own characters and some plot I create, otherwise it's all his.

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She just came into the village and is already causing "trouble"... Best first impression!