And Then There Were The Most Dangerous

And Then There Were The Most Dangerous

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AdeltheAuthor By AdeltheAuthor Updated Aug 12, 2019

Paul and Lukas Hartmann are the richest students of Independence High School. When they invite eighteen year old Niccolo De Vico to a weekend getaway on a private island, he is promised the party of a lifetime and an opportunity to shoot his shot with Robyn Fleur, the high school Valedictorian and his hopeless crush. Little do they know however, Nick is not just a high school student.

He's also a blood money hitman, and the Hartmann Twins are his targets.

But when he arrives at the Victorian Age Castle on the Isle of Ad Venari, the Hartmann Brothers slaughter almost everyone on the property and Niccolo quickly realizes that he is the one being hunted. For fun.

Outmanned and outgunned, De Vico and Fleur must protect themselves, while also finding a way to complete his contract, or die by the hands of those who paid for the hit. The Irish Mob. With nothing but their wits and limited weapons, Niccolo and Robyn will navigate the predator infested lands of Ad Venari, while also searching for a way to face their most recent failures, and the ones yet to come.