A Lethal Weapon [A Naruto Fanfiction - Book 1 of the Hanako Series]

A Lethal Weapon [A Naruto Fanfiction - Book 1 of the Hanako Series]

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Zaria Knox By ZKFProductions Updated Dec 26, 2017

As an Uchiha, Hanako's chakra is ruled by her emotions, and witnessing the death of her father pulled a huge toll on her, especially her eyes. But when she thought she was alone, she met Itachi and Shisui Uchiha and they quickly became her friends. Hanako then decided that she needed to get stronger in order to protect them and came upon a man named Madara Uchiha, who promised her power in exchange of her cooperation with his plans. Upon participating in the Chunin Exams amidst the growing tension between Konoha and Iwa and constantly training herself with Shisui's help to learn about the Uchiha's secret Doujutsu-the Mangekyo Sharingan-Hanako found herself in a situation in which she was forced to take an important decision that would change her life forever: helping Fugaku, as her clan leader, to carry on with the coup d'état against the village before it was too late, or knowing that the village had something worse planned against them and just let it happen, even though that would mean she'd lose everything she had been fighting for.      

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_Bellaxbeba_ _Bellaxbeba_ Jul 01, 2017
"Tears are a sign of Strength,
                              Running is a sign of Weakness"
                              Still love dis quote 😅
ScarletBlaze18 ScarletBlaze18 Jun 08, 2017
The first thing I saw when I went to this chapter was Danzo's face. I dunno why, but I started laughing so hard. I'm weird.
ilovesasukeXD ilovesasukeXD Oct 01, 2017
Shouldn't she be a raven haired girl since she's an Uchiha? Unless of course she's not a full blooded Uchiha
-TillDawn -TillDawn Feb 06
You know you have been on insta a lot when you start double tapping the screen to like the chapter
FalconTail FalconTail Jul 31, 2016
Kinpachi, the hell you doing here in Naruto? Go cut up meteors back in Bleach!
ANasher0 ANasher0 Oct 24, 2016
I read, " when Yusuke entered home his wife was making out with him." I'm so weird.