Spirits and Crowns (The Shadow Series, Book 1)

Spirits and Crowns (The Shadow Series, Book 1)

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A royal bloodline gets divided by rebels' attempted regicide, casting Alvina from her throne and into hiding, as Quinn, the bastard brother, is forced to take her place. 


Alvina was supposed to be queen, but when her coronation is abruptly stopped by an explosion, she has to flee the country she called home. Missing an arm, a throne and half her sanity, Alvina has to find a way to get back to Andaheim, before the rebels drive her brother to an early grave.

Quinn was just a bastard. But now with his sister Alvina's supposed passing, he has to be the king he never wanted to be. Struggling with catching up on politics, wanting to be a good king and not losing himself in the process, he has to figure out what's more important: his own integrity or his country.

A North Atlantic 1920s Jazz era Fantasy.