RFA's Nightingale

RFA's Nightingale

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Yami By Yami757 Updated Aug 06

All that was left of the blood that had flowed thick and scarlet red in his veins, clung on her now moist gloved hands. Multiple deep slashes covered the fragile looking figure that lay limply on the ground. 

The only source of light provided for the woman that was crouched near the lifeless body, the moon. Even in the twilight, the gushing blood glinted red under the silver streaks the moon provided. The said dark haired female pressed her first finger to the slash that seemed raw on the body, but no matter the pressure she applied, the blood had still fished between her covered fingers and oozed under her hand. 

The female slowly dragged her covered fingers down the dead body, capturing every inch of the male's form. She abruptly stops when her fingertips envelop with overheated warmth. 

"...That's simply disgusting.....Another innocent person that wasn't even involved....." her breathtaking face turned to a scrunched expression, retreating her hand away from the body and removed the now painted gloves. 

The female gets up from her crouching position while drawing her dark eyebrows, forming a frown. She shifts her hypnotising sharp gaze to the sky. Dark colours of deep blues blacks stretched over her head making her shut her eyes with a unreadable expression printed on her face. She was used to seeing dead corpses around her. 

(Hey dear readers, I hope you all enjoy this story. I don't own any of the characters in Mystic Messenger but I truly wish I did. The only thing I own is my OC/OCs and all the changes that I do in this book. Don't copy this book this book belongs to me and me alone. Aside from that note please enjoy, bye!)

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