What does GOOD look like? How to Improve Housing Associations 2014

What does GOOD look like? How to Improve Housing Associations 2014

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Gabriel-Star By Gabriel-Star Updated Sep 12, 2014

I'm Daniel Murphy, an accountant, entrepreneur and business planner. I specialize in the Housing Sector.

It has occurred to me since starting this book that I, despite my ego telling me otherwise, might not hold all the answers and that this book would be a lot more powerful should it be a collaboration from amongst the brightest and best in the sector or related fields. If you feel you can add to the ideas in this book, please do get in touch. 

However, I'm confident my housing knowledge can be put to good use and enable improvements within the sector. I hope this book increases awareness of positive characteristics housing associations (HA's) can adopt, embed and aspire to.

Eventually, many years from today, wide eyed - mouth open students will look at our generation and wonder why we found it so hard to "build more houses". They will study the over complicated answers including phrases such as "political motivation", "leverage" and "self motivated executives". They will see our failings as blindingly obvious.

Only last week, my daughter was going to see her 2nd musical show in Leicester Square, she's 5 and likes drama, especially if that drama includes unicorns. She asked such a succinct but poignant question that triggered the thought of making this book a collaborative effort.

Georgia aged 5 asked: "Why don't the builders build more houses for the homeless when they are building such big tall office buildings so close to them?"

Answer: We don't have a good answer. It is a stain on western capitalism and free market behavior that it is relatively easy for the rich to stay rich through investing  historic wealth into property that will return yet more wealth, whilst it's hard for a poor person to become rich...without being particularly smart or lucky, or both.

That said, we are making progress. I do see high quality homes being delivered by organisations, and occupied by those most in need. Let's ramp it up. Let's ramp it up smartly.