Alana Potter (Harry Potter fan-fic)

Alana Potter (Harry Potter fan-fic)

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Vanessa By Vanessa29745 Updated Oct 30, 2017

This is the story of Harry Potter's twin sister, Alana Potter. Alana didn't think anything out of the ordinary would ever happen to her, but she didn't know that the strange dreams that she had been having were about something very important....

Alana is a wizard

Follow her journey through Hogwarts as she falls in love, out of love, makes friends and foes and grows as the prodigy witch that she is.


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DinaRiddle770 DinaRiddle770 Sep 29, 2017
Lol, when I started divergent my sister bought me the last book instead of the first!
DinaRiddle770 DinaRiddle770 Oct 22, 2017
I cried when my sister told me not to read the last book because Tris dies!:(
wowmikaelson wowmikaelson Sep 17, 2017
how does she dream about that night?? she was barely a year old tf
ACAWalsh ACAWalsh Apr 15, 2017
Wasn't Harry Potter based in the 90s, before Divergent came out?
wowmikaelson wowmikaelson Sep 17, 2017
i thought you didn't necessary have to be a veela to go to beauxbatons ??
BiancaEvans2 BiancaEvans2 Jul 17, 2016
why is she living with Snape and associating with deatheaters?