Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf

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Kaitlyn By UNiDEnTiFieD_18 Completed

"I want to make this clear! I REJECT YOU CASSANDRA FALLS AS MY MATE," He yells at me.

The pain crashes down on me like an ocean wave , but you never let a guy see you cry, ever. I look at him disappointed but strong and let a single tear slide down my cheek. 

All I ever wanted was to be safe. To try and be an average person. But let's face it, that will never happen because I'm a werewolf. Not only am I a werewolf, I am the dark wolf. The most powerful wolf of them all.

bribri25410 bribri25410 Aug 10
Just a heads up dose would be does. But it's pretty good so far
camillax1904 camillax1904 May 30, 2016
They helped her escape by locking her out in the snow where she could have easily ran
1imnotperfect1 1imnotperfect1 Aug 02, 2016
I had to scroll up cause I thought that it said that her brother was in the room so I was like WTF?!?!! Y IN HELLLS NAME IS HER BROTHER OF ALL PEOPLE WATCHING HER GET UNDRESSED BLOODY HELLL?
StephanieSmith193 StephanieSmith193 Dec 30, 2016
WOW her pack sucks and I hope she comes back and make them regret hurting her all hose yrs
Kimandla Kimandla Dec 28, 2016
The first time I'm reading a book where the Black wolf is rare and special! I'm very impressed
_QueenOfIrrelevance_ _QueenOfIrrelevance_ Nov 26, 2015
Seriously. If I ever come across someone like him I'll attack.