The Valley of the Red God

The Valley of the Red God

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The island of Inios in the Narrow sea is the only place in Teraybarad that is inhabited predominantly by elves. Separated into the four cardinal directions each village is associated with one of the four main elements.  Each village and its inhabitant's practice age-old magic that keeps them connected to their land, but first they must pass the Trials of Light.

During the Trials of Light, all uninitiated elves are given an elixir that sends them on a spiritual journey. All elves that come of age go through the trials, except for Eremei.

The young pale-eyed elf from Rheli, in the south, has had a difficult life.  Being one of three survivors from a catastrophic event that wiped out her entire village she has never really felt like she belonged anywhere. Though she has participated in the last five Trials of Light she has never been granted permission to partake in the Spirit Walk ceremony. Eremei has been forced to watch as those her age, and now younger, complete their journeys and find their place amongst their people. 

Eremei is determined to show the Enssaryon that she deserves a place among them too. Unfortunately for her, things don't go as planned. When a seemingly random attack from the sky kills, maims or takes all participating elves she loses all hope of ever seeing her home again. 

What follows is an adventure through a foreign land and a revelation that what happened was not as random as she thought.

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