Sonic's Project

Sonic's Project

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Before we start:
 Sonic is one of my favorite characters. Sonic games, official or even fan created series were and still are one of the first reasons that I will open my TV or Computer. When I was watching them in my childhood I started to think about what will happen if I combine the stories. And after many years the idea has turned into effort. Hope that you gonna like it!
 Now if someone is a game, a music or an art developer and like to make something out of it, I will be happy to cooperate with him. I'm starting to write it as a novel but the big goal is to upgrade it as much as I can. And a game (who knows even with a partnership with one or some of the big names like MidNightMaren, BlackDevilX or Kroy Productions) will be something incredibly honorary for me.
After all they are the reason I loved Sonic!

Special thanks to:
SEGA ,  Archie Comics , DIC Enterainment , MidNightMaren , BlackDevilX , Kroy Productions , MaskedMetaKnight4 ,  SEGA Retro Site , WikiFur Site , Absolute Anime Site and many anonymous creators , writers and Sonic fans all over the web.

And of course to the people that helped, gived inspiration or even lend a part of their lives to the story:
Vasilisa - Editor of Vocabulary,Grammar and Adjustments
Captain TO , 3/O PP , 2/0 SE , EP , Dolor , The Player , Snake , GM , EL , Teoman , Queen , The Voice of Barbie

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