The Inside

The Inside

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Julia By liv4books94 Updated Apr 03, 2011

I woke up disoriented and confused.I tried to sit up but immediately laid back down from a sharp pain in my ribs. I slowly turned my head to catch some glimpse of my surroundings but all that met me was darkness and one very bright white light. I thought "I must be in heaven... great", but then I heard a murmur of voices. 

"I cant believe you did this!' one of the voices snarled, a woman i guessed from her high pitched tone. 

"I had to he has the strongest-" a man answered but was cut of by the woman's shrill voice 

"that doesn't matter right now, do you realize how much danger you've put him in!"

 "yes, I do! but what was i supposed to do just leave him there? they would've turned him into a monster as soon as they found out"

I winced. All of this shouting was giving me a headache. A soft voice from the corner of the room suddenly spoke up. 

" will you two shut up, the boys awake"

There was some shuffling and the last thing I saw was a large hand coming down over my eyes before I slipped into unconsciousness.

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Jessabellx Jessabellx Apr 27, 2011
aaaaah this is epical :D 
                              I love the idea and everything. 
                              Voted and fanned ! :D
liv4books94 liv4books94 Apr 05, 2011
lmfao ill try to upload today i just have to finish the rest of chpter 2 :}
adira99 adira99 Apr 04, 2011
i can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!! awesome job girly!!! :)
liv4books94 liv4books94 Apr 03, 2011
please comment i  need your opinion.. im sort of a newbie i guess youd call me at writing and ill try to upload asap thanks for reading