『Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru』Stuck In The Middle 『OHSHC』

『Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru』Stuck In The Middle 『OHSHC』

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『 B r y 』 By Bry_anime Updated Dec 22, 2016

Being one of the few 'commoners' in a Ouran high school was anything but easy. Making scholarship honor role was hard for you unlike your best friend Haru, who managed to maintain it steadily and some odd extra curricular activities...
  And being the curious dame you are, you had to find out...
  After meeting a pair of seemingly obnoxious twins, the rest of high school felt like it would be a roller coaster ride at Ouran.
  That is if you could afford to keep going there once your grades begin to dwindle, again.
  Life isn't easy for a normal teenager in a school full of rich people, who only see her as the help...
  Especially when two twins start to develop feelings for you.
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Foodismybae2004 Foodismybae2004 6 days ago
My friken life put in one sentence.... This is why I love wattpad  and everyone on it
                              all the gay smut and threesomes  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
UnknownFujoshiArtist UnknownFujoshiArtist Dec 25, 2016
When you really are a commoner and you have no idea what you're doing with your life reading these types of amazing fanfictions-- MEE!
Insane_Bookworm Insane_Bookworm Dec 27, 2016
I shall call you squishy!
                              And you will be my squishy!
                              And I will love my squishy!
1ArrowsPlease1 1ArrowsPlease1 2 days ago
Random Noun Collage
                              (Where fanfiction writers can procrastinate until CRAP! I need to write a new chapter by tomorrow!)
So, I go jogging at 7 am... am I one of the black sheep here, one of the few