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『Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru』Stuck In The Middle 『OHSHC』

『Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru』Stuck In The Middle 『OHSHC』

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˗ˏˋ 2 Days™ ˎˊ˗ By Bry_anime Updated Feb 27

Being one of the few 'commoners' in a Ouran high school was anything but easy. Making scholarship honor role was hard for you unlike your best friend Haru, who managed to maintain it steadily and some odd extra curricular activities...

  And being the curious dame you are, you had to find out...
  After meeting a pair of seemingly obnoxious twins, the rest of high school felt like it would be a roller coaster ride at Ouran.
  That is if you could afford to keep going there once your grades begin to dwindle, again.
  Life isn't easy for a normal teenager in a school full of rich people, who only see her as the help...
  Especially when two twins start to develop feelings for you.
  Copyright © Bry_anime.
  Any type of plagiarism is punishable by law.
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I love how most of these comments where they thought of Haru from Free! 😂😂😂 You guys are legit awesome
whenever someone said the word "commoner" i would literally laugh so hard for no reason
TsubakiiiChan TsubakiiiChan 6 days ago
Stop naming squiggly lines.
                              *secretly names the line moo moo*
I know how it feels to be a commoner surrounded with rich people
oosomatsu oosomatsu 4 days ago
my heart goes doki doki when I seen them on screen -
                              lmao jkjk
I shall dub thy squiggly line....
                              Bob....the legend....the myth