Chemistry || Kiribaku Soulmate AU

Chemistry || Kiribaku Soulmate AU

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s h i n e By kiri-shine Updated Feb 13, 2020

From around the age of ten, most people naturally gained the ability to be able to talk to their soulmate through their minds. They couldn't send things like their first names through, or anything that could directly connect to their identities. 

However, two young boys gain their ability to speak to each other from the early age of six. It had never been heard of before, soulmates able to connect this early. It showed how the two boys must've had something so much stronger than others.

The fateful day comes, a new school year bringing new students with it. If only Bakugou knew just how close his Kirishima would be. 

> No quirks
> Soulmate AU
> A lot of swearing. 

-- I do not own majority of the characters in this book. The only originals are Kirishima's parents --