Roles Reversed

Roles Reversed

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sike By letsjam8 Updated Jul 03

He was the Jock, 
But a Nerd. 
She was the Mathlete
But a Player. 



Casey Andrews. She is "the" one. 
A sarcastic, witty, beautiful girl who doesn't take or give shits. 
She is a Mathlete, the captain actually, AND wait for it- the 'PLAYER' of Redland High. 


Enter Chester Jones. The Quarterback. The Nerd. 
He's a good looking, super intelligent nerd who happens to be the Quarterback of the team. 


Here comes the catch.. Usually,  the "bad boy" needs the "good girl's" help.. 
But, oh no!  Not here. 

When Casey's big reputation is in danger,  and her 400k Instagram followers DEMAND to see her go to the Winter Formal with the QB,  she has no other option than to ask Chester. 
And her being person she is, she eventually blackmails him into coming with her.

But the thing is, a lot can happen in the time being... 

No,  this isn't a story about a "playboy" falling for the "good girl" & changing completely,  
it's about the Jock, Nerdy boy changing the player, completely. 

Because here you've got,  the Roles Reversed.

This amazing cover is by-
*dun dun dunnnnn*
(Yeah, im basically promoting myself so)

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