Kings of the Midnight Congregation (The 8 Kings Arc)

Kings of the Midnight Congregation (The 8 Kings Arc)

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Grimoire_Atelier By Fuyutsuki_Kaori Updated Mar 13, 2016

In a city that has lost its means to dream, 8 kingdoms rose to create an ideal and peaceful community. But, what will happen if these very kingdoms begins to wage war against the others, risking the Philippine government to get involve. 

Will they risk the peace they long and wage in a full scale war to flourish their ideals... or, will they cling to their status quo  in order to keep their kingdom's individual peace.

As the 8 kings of these 8 kingdoms begin to find out about the others ideals, will peace really become nothing more but a dream. Or, will it in fact become the means for them to understand each other.

Find out as these 8 kings battle their way to create their long lost dreams in this action packed light novel.

The volumes listed in this book page are the volumes that are included in the '8 Kings Arc', First of the 4 Arcs Project. the next arcs will be written in another book page.
8 Kings Arc I ♛ Dragons of the East (99.50%)
8 Kings Arc II ♛ The White Tigres, the Briliant Tortiose, and the Lost Princesses (79.50%)
8 Kings Arc III ♛The Masters of the Sky: The Natural vs. The Genius (0%)
8 Kings Arc IV ♛The Masters of the Sky and the Great White Dragon (0%)
8 Kings Arc V ♛ The Golden Tortoise and the Traveling Tiger(0%)
8 Kings Arc VI♛ The 4 Beast of the Heavens & The 4 Beasts of the Earth (0%)
8 Kings Arc VII ♛ The Beast of Violence (0%)
8 Kings Arc VIII ♛ The Beasts of Reason and Harmony (0%) note: temporary title
Genre: Fantasy Adventure, Light Novel

This story is under the 「異世界物語」ISEKAI MONOGATARI or Stories from Another World, here characters from my main stories in the '「千運命の糸」SEN UNMEI NO ITO' or 'Thread of a Thousand Fates' do a cameo living with alternate lives.

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