Edward Cullen's Little Sister

Edward Cullen's Little Sister

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Before - Edward Cullen had a little sister named Eliana. He was changed and she moved away. No one knew she was still alive. Follow Eliana from the time Edward 'died' all the way through to when she moves to a small town in a Washington named Forks. 

Twilight - Eliana is now living in Forks but when she arrives, will she find more than she ever though possible?

New Moon - Eliana and the rest of the Cullens have to leave Forks and it is all her fault. But when a fatal miscommunication takes place, will Bella be able to save Edward in time or will Eliana have to face eternity without her brother?

Eclipse - The Cullens are back in Forks but not everything is going well for Eliana. First she's lost her mate (not as in they died. You'll understand once you've read the New Moon section), and her gift and now Victoria wants her dead as well as Bella. Will Eliana be able to fight through it all and find the happiness she deserves or will her pain and darkness consume her?

This story will continue through all the books of The Twilight Saga and after they finished. 

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