Lover Boy

Lover Boy

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C. Luna By crystina_luna Updated Mar 31

After an eventful party one October night, Eli finds himself caught in a bit of an existential crisis. He's never been a romantic, with all of his relationships being limited to their physicality and rarely lasting long because of this. But as he begins to become confused about his feeling for one of his best friends (and roommate) he struggles to cope with the complications that ensue, especially as she struggles with her own confused feelings. All the while playing a passionate game of cat and mouse with a girl whose just as familiar with the game as he is.

The unexpected sequel to Pretty Boy this time explores commitment to both friends and lovers, as well the perpetual uncertainty of life and the pursuit of happiness no matter how unorthodox. Join Blake, Eli, and Gabe on yet another adventure in love, friendship, and self-discovery.


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