Nico x reader

Nico x reader

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Hi, my name is [  Dan  ] By talesfromthebadlands Updated Jun 01, 2015

I woke up to my alarm clock buzzzzz buzzzz buzzzz."__, it's time for school get up!" my Mom said from downstairs. I slowly woke up and sat up in bed. "I'm a coming Mom! "I yelled down. Since it was only 6:30 and the bus didn't come until 7:20 I decided to take a shower.

          ~time skip: after the shower~

I got dressed in a (f/c) T-shirt and some jeans. I jumped down stairs to the kitchen. when I walked into the kitchen I could swear I saw someone outside the kitchen window. "Mom where are you!"I called out. she was no where to be seen. Maybe she's out in the garden, I thought remembering the shadow I saw. I opened the back door. "Mom you out here?"I asked. What I saw was just absolutely terrifying. there was a woman standing there, but she didn't have legs instead she had two snake trunks. I opened my mouth to scream, but I Couldnt. She was standing huddled over something."Mom....."I whispered. Suddenly the snake lady turned around."There you are __"she said smoothly. "I'm glad ...

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HeyImGray HeyImGray Feb 10
Lol I'm poor I dont have two floors and I live in the woods. I'm glad I have internet
Zen1Baby Zen1Baby Nov 22, 2016
Each times a person speaks, they get their own line. Like this:
                              "Hello!" I smile at Nico.
                              I'm not trying to be rude, just trying to help. This seems good so far though.
reality_is_a_snitch reality_is_a_snitch Apr 15, 2016
                              SORRY I DO NOT HAVE MY E-MAIL THING SO YEA!!!!!!
tweetie181 tweetie181 Feb 03, 2016
This is terrifying because this is exactly my morning schedule O_O
talesfromthebadlands talesfromthebadlands Jul 28, 2014
I deleted this story cuz it was acting all weird and the wouldn't let me update, hit I'll try again