To Steal the Heart of a Thief {Pokemon Ranger Fanfiction} (Pokemon Watty Awards 2015)

To Steal the Heart of a Thief {Pokemon Ranger Fanfiction} (Pokemon Watty Awards 2015)

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Serena E. Daniels By Serena-Daniels Completed

As I write this letter to you, all I have to say is...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I lied to all three of you. Living a life of lies has taught me that it comes with a price, and now I'm paying it. My name IS Rena Deveraux; that wasn't a lie. But I never wanted to be a Ranger... That's not why I was at the Ranger School. I am so, so sorry that I lied to you, but the truth is... I'm a thief. And were my assignment, and I was to think of you as nothing more than that. It wasn't personal, I promise you. It was just business.

I thought I could outrun the law my whole life and never get caught. Never did I once think that the law applied to me, or that my actions would catch up to me one day. It never crossed my mind...not even once. I was so confident, which made my downfall inevitable. I left my back turned for one second and I lost it all. 

No words can describe the feeling I get when I look at your face... That look of pain, and sadness... Your eyes are filled with nothing but hate and disdain when they meet my gaze. Honestly, I'm surprised that you haven't killed me for what I've done to you.

I'm afraid this is the end, and I will never see you again. You can hate me for the rest of your life. I understand... What I did to you is unforgivable, and I don't deserve your forgiveness. I don't deserve to see your smile ever again.

My biggest regret is that I will never get to properly say good-bye to you. So, I must do it in this letter. Good-bye, my Prince Charming. I will never forget you. Take care of Rhythimi and Isaac for me, and please...apologize to them on my behalf, since I can't do it myself.

Oh, and one more thing, Keith.

Assuming that you didn't just tear this letter up upon receiving it, I just wanted to say... I've told you a lot of lies since the moment we first met... 

But my feelings for you were never one of them.

{Pokémon Ranger Shadows of Almia fanfiction; cover art was just photoshopped by me}

When you can't help but smile when Keith is mentioned 
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Aww😍 I love this story😍
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Based on my previous comment, fourth time reading this. I'm still as excited as the first time!
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The only thing is, if you try to cycle along the rooftops, psychic mum will telepathically Tell you "there is a time and place for everything, but not now" so that means you can't do any trick shots, 🙁 roller skates it is then!
Ya know, just casually breaking into a tOP SECURITY MUSEUM TO STEAL A STATUETTE, maybe watch some Netflix later. The normal stuff.