Really Cliché Destiel Highschool

Really Cliché Destiel Highschool

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YoungMoose By Kenai27 Updated Jun 16, 2015

Castiel Novak, (because I'm mainstream, that's why) is and always has been the school loser. Never the most popular, never the funniest, definitely not the most attractive, and with his own home-life troubles already. 
Some unlikely family issues ends him in Lawrence, Kansas, where he has no hope of starting afresh. Rumors carry fast, and by the end of the day, he has zero new friends and a few new bruises.

Dean Winchester, the school gossip topic, the sex god, the jock, and because I'm really cliché, probably the most popular dude at Southwood High, has always lived in Lawrence, Kansas. As far as he is concerned, life is good, and he is intent in keeping it so. 

Okay guys this is gonna be a lot like every other Destiel fanfic you've ever read, so...

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Did anyone else think of Stony and the whole azure eyes quote?
In literally every fic I read Dean wears a faded ACDC shirt and jeans to school
OeroGerard OeroGerard Apr 07
I like how the cliche jock always has a varsity jacket but irl I have a basketball varsity jacket as a freshman I'm literally the lamest and nerdiest person I know
Wtf are American highschools really like this? ´cause in every highschool fic someone (mostly Cas) gets beaten up at least twice a day..
Matt Smith? Matthew Daddario? I need  more information than just "Matt."