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the devils pet

the devils pet

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Elizabeth Thresey, or maybe not, you never know, its not By elizabeththresey Updated Feb 16, 2011

im taking forever to write this so bear with me...
Michie and Marty should be together, his cocky thoughts but sweet attitude are a great start to michies love rehiblitation. Oh yeah, and did i mention they're both angels? Not only is Michie an angel, but she is a descendant of Michal, the arch angel, is the commander of Gods army, and seems to be on everyone's hit list. Marty's life isn't smooth sailing either, after the disapearance and death of his sister, he changes from quite harmless to ruthless warrior. Then things take a turn for the confusing as Marty plumetts into Hell. Heavens not as caalm and peaceful as you thought, huh?

elizabeththresey elizabeththresey Dec 06, 2010
@livelaughandlove thanks :) its great to have good feedback but lets see you lose attention in like the next chapter, i have good beginnings but bad everything elses, neway thanks :D
livelaughandlove livelaughandlove Dec 06, 2010
Amazing! you have a incredible talented to keep me interested and keep on reading it's hard :) love it
elizabeththresey elizabeththresey Jul 09, 2010
@softballgirl thanks :) ill try to  upload more l8er but i kinda have some writers block
softballgirl softballgirl Jul 09, 2010
wow this is really good! keep going i cant wait to read more:)
elizabeththresey elizabeththresey Jun 08, 2010
sorry if you thought it sucked, im still learning how to make a good story. lots of thanks to the writer of "amber eyes" it was amazing