Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster

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AsiaJaxyn By AsiaJaxyn Updated Dec 20, 2012

For hundreds of years I am what cause’s war to rage between all species, famine to rule the lands, and death the only cure of survival. All because me. All because of what I am. No one else is like me. I am the only one of my kind. I am the one that gives death instead of saving the living.    

What if you were the one tied to an ancient prophecy? 

What if you were the one that for hundreds of years everyone has been waiting for? 

What if you were the one that had to destroy the world in order to save it? 

Avala Valencia has grown up not knowing what exactly she is. She has been told that she is a half-winged; a creature with impeccable eyesight, speed, hearing, and reflexes. Through her life she has been told nothing, live like the humans, and do not tell anyone what you are. Of course she’s told her only non-human friends who also share the burden of living under the human eye. 

Until one day she meets him and quickly everything changes. Suddenly pulled into the dark Otherworld, filled with raging killer demons, clever nymphs, and many other heartless creatures, Avala must face the dire truth of what she truly is. The only known hybrid too ever exist. 

As she embarks on a journey to find out about her colorful history, Avala unwittingly finds herself drawn to the cold, cunning, and mysterious James Deveron; while having her heart already set on Troy Knight. But in a world of filled with treachery, heartbreak, and loss can Avala survive the very truth of what is to become of her: become the savior of a world she has never known.