The Quarterback lives in my Basement

The Quarterback lives in my Basement

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Iriana Corona By iriana_xoxo Completed

Isabella Martinez is a straight A student trying to finish off her senior year the same way she did the rest. She not anywhere near popular and is the girl in the class that no one really notices is there. Steven Davis on the other hand is the star quarterback that everyone knows. He hooks up with girls like it's a hobby, he's a self centered egotistical bad boy that can get whatever he wants by his irresistible charm who also happens to be utterly and insanely gorgeous .

As soon as Steven moves into Bella's basement.Her life spirals out of control. Steven quickly takes interest and follows her through her journey. Bella's life changes drastically in moments of happiness and pain. The two grow close and express to each other their deepest darkest secrets. But when tragedy hits will they be able to get through it together or will it be the end to their unforgettable story.

Trigger warning: deals with self harm and rape

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Hazel_Cahill Hazel_Cahill Aug 24, 2017
Taylor or Selena or Ari? Steven as Shawn or Harry or zayn or Louis or Justin or Theo or Chris or Liam?
itzvaeh itzvaeh Sep 25, 2017
I imagined Aaron as zayn and Cole as Justin Bieber. I read the comments in the first section.
Mpatel9090 Mpatel9090 Sep 11, 2017
If this is what people think I don't know if I want to be captain anymore.
Little_Turtle_Ella Little_Turtle_Ella Jul 06, 2017
Snap get that football captain Bella,but carters still a prick
cheerhaley cheerhaley Apr 08, 2016
Makes me not want to be captain anymore if this is what people think...
_chiefmissa_ _chiefmissa_ Apr 02, 2016
Lol. This chapter is kind of weird. He just barges into her house, claiming to use the bathroom, and Katie barely says 3 words.