Dear My Princess (Soul Eater Boys x Reader)

Dear My Princess (Soul Eater Boys x Reader)

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(Y/N)'s POV: 

 "(Y/N)!  Wake up, (Y/N)!" I heard a voice yell.  I slowly opened my eyes seeing that I was in my bed.  I also saw my two partners, Hunk and Hank, sitting at my couch impatiently.   

 "Good Morning, (Y/N)." The brothers say in unison.  "Good Morning, boys." I reply, getting out of bed.  "Can we get a thank you?" Hunk asked "Why?" "We woke you up because you're alarm was off." "Oh, yeah.  Thank you." 

 I started running to the shower rooms.  I usually go here first only because it was the kings orders.  And well, the king is my father. . .  I'm the Princess. 

 After I was done, I ran to my room only to see Hunk and Hank still sitting on MY couch.  "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM ALREADY, YOU BASTARDS!" I scream as they jump and run.  "THANK YOU!" I scream again and went to go change. 

 My (H/C) hair was in a bun with a (F/C) bow holding it up.  I had light make-up on my cheeks and eyes.  I also had a (F/C) dress that went up to my knees.  The dress also had ruffles.  My ...

cold_inferno cold_inferno Nov 12, 2016
Mine are green hazel eyes and I've gotten complements on them. Bish what you talking bout?!
cold_inferno cold_inferno Nov 12, 2016
I'm sorry I can't stop laughing gomen nasai. But is Hunk a name even? And wouldn't the names be confusing? Oh well I'm good at telling twins apart anyways.
Majestickittycat Majestickittycat Oct 26, 2016
I'd prefer Kid, thanks. :3  or Crona but he doesn't really have a gender so that's be weird. My genderless child 😂
PikaKetchum PikaKetchum Jan 13
*has seizure*
                              Soul: *hides her in closet*
                              Me: *wakes up in closet next to senpai*
                              I KNEW IT
cold_inferno cold_inferno Nov 12, 2016
Now we just need Tamaki in here like "I SHALL TRY THIS COMMONER COFFEE!!!!!!!"
PikaKetchum PikaKetchum Jan 13
My eyes are about as violet as well... violets! I've gotten several compliments and comments on whether or not their contents but their not, it's just a rare color