Deerborn: Bloodline (BOOK TWO) | ✓

Deerborn: Bloodline (BOOK TWO) | ✓

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Murielle Gingras By smurfrielle Completed


 Dealing with the sudden death of her mother, Sybil Deerborn is faced with a multitude of problems. Not only is she trying to handle the constant pressure of becoming the clan leader of Bon Resi, but she has to deal with nagging debt collectors as well as attempting to raise her sister Patricia. Sybil has a hard time dealing with all of the responsibility of being an adult, leaning on Leander Boehman in tough times. 

 Patricia is leaving for university soon, with the opportunity to stay with a student from her university of choice for three weeks. When Patricia goes missing on campus, Sybil is left heart-broken as she searches for her sister with the aid of an old friend. Messages have been left for Sybil regarding the disappearance of her sister, threatening her to leave Bon Resi or have her sister be killed.

  In the wake of her new found leadership, Sybil makes a decision to leave behind Bon Resi in an attempt to find Patricia, giving up her role for a short period of time. The search awakens new feelings inside of Sybil as she begins to accept who she really is. 

 With all that Sybil has endured in the last year, will she ever find peace in her role as leader? Or will it all be taken away as quickly as it was bestowed upon her?

  • college
  • death
  • depression
  • family
  • kidnapping
  • love
  • mystery
  • shapeshifter
  • thriller
  • wattys
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AdrianaFloresArce AdrianaFloresArce Jan 20, 2016
This is a great start for a book and I'm so excited to read it! I'm proud of Patricia, Sybil and Ashley for stiking together and becoming a family!
Vintaginity Vintaginity Aug 02, 2015
this is probably the book in the series im most excited to read!
Missymoo_222 Missymoo_222 Sep 04, 2014
AHHHH im so glad you decided to make this into a series :):):):)
                              i love ash's new role and her attitude!!
                              and Sybil <3333 how I love you ^_^
jwhite91 jwhite91 Jul 16, 2014
a very nice start to this sequel..sounds like Syb has a lot more responsibilites now
LRL0716 LRL0716 Jul 09, 2014
Great story Miss.. I hope that your book will be publish sooner! :)
                              My friends love it as well.
KatherineWitmer KatherineWitmer Jul 08, 2014
your a very talented young lady. I am a mom of two little boys  and have stayed up many late nights reading your stories when i knew i would have to get up earky. lol keep up the great work i have a feeling you will be doing book signings in your future.