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Shy Girl

Shy Girl

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cherryapples1232 By cherryapples1232 Completed

I crawl and stand up to sit on my bed. I felt like a accomplished spy who just ran away from something bad. Dylan turned and sat on my bed.

"You do know I'm still here right?" he asked. I ignore him and pull my notebook out and begin to draw what I was currently feeling.


"Do you always do that? draw and write out your feelings? why do you always do that, why don't you just face your problems head on?" he talks but I'm not really listening to him, I just continue to draw and suddenly my notebook is ripped away from my hands.

"Hey what are you doi-" he cuts me off by kissing me.






Lacey loves to read and write her own poems. She's a girl with Anxiety. Now meet Dylan the sarcastic, narcissist who breaks the laws all the time winding up in jail. He has his reasons for why. Follow Lacey's hard journey and Dylan's  rough secret life in an amazing original story.

ReadItAndLiveIt ReadItAndLiveIt Oct 06, 2016
Honestly, I didn't like Tris. I didnt cry until Four came back for her and then when he found out. Thats what made me cry.
I just recently found out that what I have is actually social anxiety
ImAsCoolAsUncool ImAsCoolAsUncool Jul 17, 2016
Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! --> Help! She's dead and I can't stop crying!
- - Jun 19, 2016
I read "too much" according to my mom. And the friend who fell asleep beside me right now because I was reading a Wattpad book... 
                              I see it now...
I Actually Thought this book was going too be bad But it pretty Good and plus  I am Socially Awkward and Shy and I can read non stop So I can Kinda See where Lacey is coming from 🤓
Andy896 Andy896 Apr 28, 2016
I read that series like 7 months ago and I still get so mad like why