Wrong Way Charlie

Wrong Way Charlie

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Kristopher Mallory By StealthFiction Completed

Do you remember your very first best friend? I do.


Midnight was giving birth in the closet at the end of the hall. The repeating pattern of deep growls and shrieks woke me.

Kittens! I nearly shouted as I crawled down from the top bunk. My sister stirred on the bottom bed. I paused on the ladder, held my breath, hoped she wouldn't open her eyes. After a moment, she rolled onto her side and fell back into deep sleep. I was glad she didn't wake; I wanted the kitties all to myself.

Midnight continued to scream.

I cracked opened my bedroom door and saw my parents kneeling in the hallway, peering into the closet. They noticed I was standing there and told me to get back in bed. "But I want to make sure Midnight is okay," I protested. She was mine, too. I should've been allowed to check on her. Dad refused to let me come out of the room. He said he would get me when it was over. Mom agreed with him. She said I was too little to watch.

Too little? I was four years old and knew that ...