Destiny (Volume I: Shur'tugalar)

Destiny (Volume I: Shur'tugalar)

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Eragon was once an orphan who lived on a farm, didn't know who his father was, and had never stepped foot outside of Palancar Valley. But when a blue stone appeared before him in the Spine, hatching a baby dragon, everything changed.

Now, he is known as Eragon Shadeslayer, son of Brom and one of the last remaining Riders. He and his dragon, Saphira Bjartskular, have journeyed across the Empire: facing countless foes, winning many battles, and beating impossible odds. They know they are the ONLY ones who can free Alagaësia from the tyrannical King Galbatorix's rule - or are they?

When a mysterious girl named Niaomi arrives at the Varden, she brings with her new hope, but also new dangers. For though she and her allies have great powers, Galbatorix will stop at nothing to capture them. And when the third dragon egg hatches, will the newcomers' history hold the key to freedom for the enslaved "Shur'tugalar"?

In the first volume of an epic tale, the Riders will be forced to confront spies, thwart assassination attempts, and uncover their pasts. But even though the Varden's skill grows, the coming battle will require all of their strength. For the black king still possesses an unmatched power that even the gods would be hard-pressed to defeat.

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"Destiny (Volume II: Indlvarn)" has been posted and is currently in progress.


Posted: Aug. 12, 2012
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