Haruhi's Older Brother

Haruhi's Older Brother

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FluffyBunnyJr By FluffyBunnyJr Updated Jul 15, 2014

Haruhi's Older brother comes back to live with her because father didn't want him over seas. Haruhi hates him cause he's better than her and he survived the car accident instead of their mom. he goes to Ouran. Host Club meets him asks him to join the host club he refuses. Haruhi says mean things about him in don't of him and he just shrugs her off. he likes the color black and hates Haruhi because of her condescending, ditzy personality but doesn't show it. 

In truth he was more damaged than his mom but her mom bleed out. he was barely saved. he moved to the US because she didn't want him around. Now that he's back he keeps his distance from her, because that's what she wants. Haruhi is not all nice you know

what happens when guys from other schools take interest in him? when some one in the host club wants him? when Haruhi gets angry at him? what will he do when an old 'friend' comes to visit? 

find out by reading.

NightwolfX3 NightwolfX3 Sep 11, 2016
Dude, dont worry. The average height for males is 5'9.... i think
Ky-Sama_Kitsune Ky-Sama_Kitsune Jun 13, 2016
Not Asian and can't speak it but can understand it!
                              LENO U ARE NOW MY FAVORITE!! XD 😂😂😂
Ackercrombie Ackercrombie Jun 13, 2016
I'm laughing at the irony cause guns are illegal to the general public in Japan
She forgot who's has the gun. -And she's the one with the scholarship...-mumbles-
KenyaWhite-wine KenyaWhite-wine Mar 01, 2015
when this happened i fangasmed so much i officially love Leno nope nothing can change that nope nothing ( and since you created her your twice as awesome I'm following!
soundwave123 soundwave123 Sep 11, 2014
I just started reading this and I luv it this is an amazing story I could read this like Infiniti times and it would never get old    c: