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Moné Moore By monemoor_ Updated Sep 05

His eyes were betraying his words.  They were dark with vengeance and fury.  His body lunged towards me.  I pulled the trigger, hearing a noise echo in my ears.  I dropped the gun on the ground.  My feet slowly dragging my body over to his body.  His fair blonde hair was turning a darkish yellow red from the blood spilling from his very lifeless body. 

I fall to my knees and stroked his hair, covering my hands in the blood.   A tear escapes my eyes and I flinch.  I wipe the tear away harshly, smearing blood on my face and stand.  I take one last look at the body and lifeless eyes stare back at me.  I turn and walk out the door making sure to not look back when I do this time.  


Life is hard--you live and then you die.  For some, death comes a bit sooner than one would expect. 
 And when it comes to Liza Hale, your death might even be from her very hands.  Hale is an assassin and a damn good one at that.  She prides her self in showing little to no empathy and completing assignments with skill and ease.  

That is until she receives an assignment that threatens to ruin her steely resolve and make her question if this lifestyle is not only what she wants but if she is up to it.  Can she prove that she is still tough enough for this job?  Or will this assignment be her final assignment?

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