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Another Stark? [On hiatus]

Another Stark? [On hiatus]

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Julia By queenofthefallenfics Updated Aug 15, 2015

Meet Jessica Allen. Her mom just died. On her death bed, she handed her a letter. Jessica was instructed to pack everything up, move to New York, and set up a meeting with Tony Stark. Her father. When she and her dad are introduced, they a good way? He makes her live with him and the Avengers. How will a not-so-normal girl from the not-so-good part of D.C. deal with living with a team of superheroes.
*Happens after Thor 2, IM3, and 3 after months Cap 2*

Dr. Shepard? Is that you? Oh wait never mind you ain't black I was hoping it would be Mc.Dreamy😞 wait that wouldn't even be possible he's dead SPOILER
percy_jackson_fan12 percy_jackson_fan12 Apr 14, 2016
Percy Jackson reference  😍😍 I love that books *jumps up and down trying to control the squealing*
mulangirl223 mulangirl223 Sep 05, 2016
PERCY JACKSON. I swear if you make a DAM reference to heros of Olympus I will have a DAM heart attack . (Evil grin)
- - Nov 08, 2016
AHHHH SUPERNATURAL the brotherly moments only it's not two guys it's a guy and a girl.
Lunartic1615 Lunartic1615 Feb 05, 2016
This is like my third time reading this book and I just noticed the Percy Jackson reference! I am very upset with myself
stargirl423 stargirl423 Sep 13, 2015
Thank you!!!! I'm not the only one who understood the supernatural reference!!!!!!!