done. | luke hemmings | lots and lots of editing going on!

done. | luke hemmings | lots and lots of editing going on!

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Maddie Parker: a suicidal, 17 year old girl with an abusive father.

Luke Hemmings: a hot, 17 year old guitarist who fell for the school's freak..aka Maddie Parker.

When Maddie decides she done with everyone and everything, will Luke be there to save her?

Cover made by: princessirwin94 

Warning: some swearing, self harm and eating disorders.

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Bunny_is_a_penguin Bunny_is_a_penguin Mar 14, 2017
I love how causally the explanation of Jessica being a slut slides in to the paragraph 😂😂
Girly-Tomboy Girly-Tomboy Jan 21, 2018
I never imagined that I would want to punch Luke Hemmings...well I guess there is a first time for everything
Thehalfbloodwitch Thehalfbloodwitch Jan 05, 2018
Mine is Sara Ursula Isadora and...... Ella.... Yes I named them I have more ofc
xmessy_thoughts xmessy_thoughts Apr 15, 2018
why do people always get so weird around people who cut like wtf if my friends knew about me i always wonder what they would say
cupcakesandhazza cupcakesandhazza May 18, 2016
amazingamanda13 amazingamanda13 Jul 22, 2018
You mean you have a dumpster with boobs wow good job*note the sarcasm