In Love With An Inmate // August Alsina

In Love With An Inmate // August Alsina

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Reine Poétique 👸🏾✨ By QueenPoetic Completed

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"But I love you!" yelled August, following me upstairs to my room. I seen my phone on the charger laying on the nightstand and I grabbed it quickly unhooking it. I unlocked my phone and dialed 911 before pressing the phone to my ear.

"911 what's your emergency?" The lady ask on the other line.

"Yes, c-", I was cut off when two pair of strong arms wrap around me and threw me on the floor, making my phone slide against the floor.

"You're mine! Only mine", He smirked.

He looked at me before taking a glance at my phone. He picked it up and threw it against the wall, making it break in half.

Aalisha takes a visit to New Orleans Prison, interviewing inmates and where she meets August for the first time. But Aalisha doesn't know that August is very dangerous in his own ways,with his bipolar disorders and rudeness. Will classy and thuggish fit together?

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I would've told the police I killed him even though my daughter did it 😕
You should've scratched his off the talking list right then.
Jesus please me for I do some I'll regret... Lorddddd spare this girl.
" I want to fawkk you right now! "😂😂😂 Would've been my words
Boyyyy if you wasn't crazy... I'd say you was trying to spit some game... I'm good on that... You fine and all.... Butttt uh you got too much going on inside that head..
Girllllll that multimedia is mad creative.... Some different... And dark... Girrrlllll that mm says it all. 😍👏👏👏👏👏