K/DA Meets A Siren (LoL K/DA x Male! Singer!)

K/DA Meets A Siren (LoL K/DA x Male! Singer!)

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FriendlyWalrus9 By FriendlyWalrus9 Updated Aug 12

Sirens. Mythical creatures who lure sailors with a beautiful voice into a timely death. The Sirens exsist in Runeterra but their motives are less...violent. Instead of using they're voice to cause death they use it to reach the hearts of the people through music. 

K/DA is one of if not the most popular Pop Group in all of Runeterra. They are known throughout the land for their amazing music and figures. But now the media seems to be dividing their attention between K/DA and The Sirens; a new musical group who seems to have won the hearts of its fan. K/DA and the media has yet to see the faces of the band which has risen many questions online. Until a K/DA member meets The Sirens in a...awkward circumstance. Akali and Dayton "Siren" Miramontes found each other running from the cops....how queer.

*I dont own League or the images or any of the music that is used in this story. The story and Dayton are my own but pretty much everything else isnt*

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