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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

362K Reads 6.8K Votes 19 Part Story
ways to make it true By WeAreDarkAndDirty Updated Nov 09, 2016

✯ ιnclυdeѕ

jeғғ тнe ĸιller; ѕlenderмan; тιccι тoвy; нoodιe; мaѕĸy; вen drowned; loѕт ѕιlver; eyeleѕѕ jacĸ; laυgнιng jacĸ; тнe raĸe; zalgo.

✯ мay conтaιn ѕoмe eхplιcιт ѕeхυal conтenт! 

✯ relaтιonѕнιp ѕcenarιoѕ wιтн тнe creepypaѕтaѕ!

✯ reqυeѕтѕ: c l o ѕ e d

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qaysass qaysass 2 days ago
lay in it
                              say you fell off a building and landed right on top of a man who died
                              omfg say his wife divorced him and then beat him to death
*remembers what he did to Isaac's neighbors cat* I don't think I want him playing with my dog like that...
ThisPersonCommented ThisPersonCommented Dec 18, 2016
I thought his name was Hoodie?  Or can his name be either?  Both are alright with me though. Just asking
KCS1305 KCS1305 Jan 04
                              Yeah dats right. And I also have a Terrier named Reeses....
Blaccwolfe Blaccwolfe Dec 17, 2016
Your right i am different 
                              Random kid: Doo doo
                              *Falls down laughing*
                              Slender: *'Face palms'*
Nah. I would growl and punch that bitch's face, tackle her to the ground and strangle her. Yeah, I would like to get suspended and go back home and freak out like wafflepwn channel does.