Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

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ways to make it true By WeAreDarkAndDirty Updated Jun 10, 2016

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jeғғ тнe ĸιller; ѕlenderмan; тιccι тoвy; нoodιe; мaѕĸy; вen drowned; loѕт ѕιlver; eyeleѕѕ jacĸ; laυgнιng jacĸ; тнe raĸe; zalgo.

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Key word 'Almost'
                              I an't wasting perfectly delicious cheesecake
See, here's the problem. I have a metal bat by the side of my bed, just in case, and my gaming console is in my bedroom and I sit on my bed playing video games. So if Ben all of a sudden popped out of the TV his skull would have been bashed in.  
                              Sorry Ben 😅 X3
PapRox PapRox Sep 01
I have a friend named Toby...
                              This just got weirder for everybody
reddxxpanda reddxxpanda Oct 09
Bully: *pours water*
                              Me: *water suddenly stops*
                              Bully: Huh!!?
                              Me: *Bends water and strangles the bully*
                              Me: *has a sinister poker face while watching him choke to death*
                              Me: Bitch.
                              Me: Don't you dare mess with a water bender.
Arthur_F_Jones Arthur_F_Jones Nov 13, 2015
Phantom-Absentia Phantom-Absentia Mar 20, 2015
OK, I'll be the one to ask it.
                              -ahem- how is smile dog gonna work out?