The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo

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Gina Nycole *waves* By storyoftheyearxo Completed
"I'm not so naive, my sorry eyes can see."
    If only those sorry eyes could see behind the impenetratable walls of the CAC. You could say they're like the CIA, FBI, DIA or any other organization that focuses on enforcing national security to America. Except it's the exact opposite. 
    The agencies are all going in the direction; wrong leads, wrong evidence. I guess you can only know what's truly happening when you're right in the middle of the fraudelent operation. 
    Sean Ramerez only wanted to assist the woman being kidnapped but only found himself being drugged, kidnapped and in the middle of prison escapees' plotting America's destruction.
    The CAC's goal: Bring the population down, ruin the government. 
    With enough skilled escapees, relentless assassins and a well thought stratedy, Sean and this mystery woman only have two choices;
    Work along side the CAC tight-lipped or die. 
    Either way, mouths are going to be sealed. 
    With Sean's freedom stained crimson, can he still work through the thousands of dangerous men who aim to kill? 
    "What do I have to lose, anyway? Oh, only America's one chance of you know, NOT being annihilated."
Sorry I hate to see wrong spellings so I decided to point them out as you've written "edited" above. 
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I also think this book is super duper good too!randomthoughts11 stole the words out of my mouth! Love it! :) yay for spies!
AWESOME! I just read your first chapter and it was really good.Continue on! I really love it and I can't wait for the romance scenes.......if there are some.Well I super duper love this book! I'm going to continue reading and continue commenting while I'm at it.Good Job!
What a great start! I love how he's being forced to do this! :)
I really like this first chapter. Your story flows and you have really good grammar. (not that I'm an expert >.>) I like the plot, and Naomi, she seems like a very strong girl, and I like that. I think I'm going to enjoy this story :)