After The Always - Sequel to The 1 and Only Real

After The Always - Sequel to The 1 and Only Real

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(If you haven't read The One and Only Real please read that before this) 

We all know that the end of Mockingjay jumps to an epilogue. Ever wondered what happened in between?? 
Real or not Real? An answer can change it all...An answer did for Katniss and Peeta. Now they are happily married after the troubled times of the past. Read this sequel to discover their new lives as they endure in a married relationship. This story still unveils the new memories of the continuing love between theses star-crossed victors and how they make it through life until they decide to take the next big step.

[The sequel to an Everlark Romance fanfic based between "Real or Not Real?" and  the epilogue in Suzanne Collin's Mockingjay. The first story is called The One and Only Real.]

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Well damn Katniss
                              *softly chants repeatedly*  S  M  U  T   S  M  U  T   S  M  U  T
Ginny_Jean_Chase Ginny_Jean_Chase Aug 07, 2016
Seveus Snape sorry just had to put that cause Snape said that and it is his line
Smallfry920 Smallfry920 Dec 06, 2015
Definitely good for the fandom. Ending will probably be bad.... or good... or something may be "added" if you know what i mean...
bb272003 bb272003 Feb 08, 2015