Love At First Lie

Love At First Lie

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Simran By simranj Updated May 19, 2011

‘I’d find him one day, my Prince Charming. He existed, I knew it.’ 

In nineteenth century England, Princess Evelyn is the most sought after woman in the country. At seventeen years, her parents finally decide she will be wedded to a man of their choosing. But with the childhood desire of finding her own Prince, Evelyn protests against it. 

When the King and Queen are approached by Lord Coventry, a respectable upper- class man, they know they have found the perfect suitor to prospectively become a Prince. When their daughter continues to object to their decision, her parents give in and allow her six months to find her own husband or marry Lord Coventry. 

Continuously, the second in line for the throne is bombarded daily by hordes of aristocratic men, who have their eyes set on becoming royalty. When coming to terms with that fact, Evelyn crosses paths with an unlikely candidate named Christopher. 

Saving him from execution under accusations of trespassing, Evelyn offers for him to instead serve his punishment in the palace, as her servant. Intent on learning more about the mysterious man, Evelyn finds herself captivated by him. 

His honesty, charm and sheer brilliance is all she could ever have asked for. But when the harsh reality of his social class plays its part in the possibility of their marriage, marrying Lord Coventry seems the only acceptable option. But Christopher is hiding a secret, his entire reason for him being at the palace. Providing he tells Evelyn his secret, the prospect of their union may become a reality. But will the man Evelyn fell in love with reveal the truth about his past? Or will it remain love at first lie?

    Lovable_El Lovable_El Apr 18, 2011
    You writing flows together very well and beautifully:) voted
    fictionbliss fictionbliss Apr 15, 2011
    nice start! it's funny how the name Evelyn is the name of a person i know in real life. keep writing!