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Prince Charming Must Die

Prince Charming Must Die

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Britt By BrittanieCharmintine Updated 5 days ago

When a lonely princess discovers her husband, Prince Charming, is married to six other royals, will the jilted spouses help or hinder her quest for revenge?                                                                                           


Marrying Prince Charming was supposed to be the key to Princess Ashley's happily ever after. Instead, the princess finds herself abandoned for months at a time while Charming slays dragons and fights ogres in distant lands. Frustrated and lonely, she invites six neighboring royals -- five princesses and one prince -- to her kingdom for a week-long gala, hoping to ask for marriage advice.  But after a few glasses of chardonnay, the truth comes out: there's only one Prince Charming, and they're all married to him. But as one revenge plot after another fails to expose Charming's lies, Princess Ashley begins to suspect an inside job. Can she uncover -- and stop -- the double agent in their midst before revenge slips through their grasp? Or is it her own traitorous feelings for someone new that's ruining their plans?