I'm Just Silent (Boyxboy)

I'm Just Silent (Boyxboy)

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Gabby (Gabs) By gigglegirl113 Updated Nov 14

Dre a 16 year old boy who has been abusied  his whole life and still is . At five a knife went a little too deep, and now his father hates so much and will not stop at anything.. Now he is a mute . Can't and won't talk . 
But what happens when he finds some one he really likes but can't tell them how he feels ? 

Will his abusive parents let him go ? 

Or will his own feelings torture him to the breaking point? 

I'm Just Silent

This is basically me but I seem to bite my lip to stop from crying it helps
This is me tbh lmao XD whenever I'm about to cry I'm always just like 'dontyoudarecrydoyouhearme?' Cuz I find crying really embarrassing and hate doing it in public XD
lyvanee lyvanee Jul 05, 2015
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