Kiss & Tease | Second Series

Kiss & Tease | Second Series

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dreamfreak By reversereverie Completed

Tianarose Hartley --the type of girl that Bailey doesn't want to associate with.

With her cheerfully bright personality, Tiana referred as the burning maiden of the cheer leading team. Of course, she's totally hot and she's making Bailey feel something she don't want to accept or else, the reputation she established for a year will crumble down to nothing.

However, as her stepmother stepped in to save them from a dreadful life, she thought she can finally be true to herself.

And so she thought when suddenly, a twist and turn came right in front of her way to falling completely to the girl she don't want to fall for.

Will she able to turn back from her feelings or be a captive under the spell of Tiana's kiss and tease?


Autumn Book in Time Anthology Series

*few events are related with the first series,  Raindrops so it's going to be more convenient to read it first*

»This is a lgbt-themed story. Read at your own risk«

  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
Dark_Miracle29 Dark_Miracle29 Jul 20, 2017
When i first see this book it has only like three chaps so I've waited for it be finished and now im excited to read it!!
Fuck-My-Yulsic-Heart Fuck-My-Yulsic-Heart Aug 14, 2017
Omggggg tiannaaa baby!!! I love you atlast its your story!!!!!! And bailey
captainamerica98 captainamerica98 Oct 15, 2017
God i always love this story and already read it more than one time😍😍😍
DoveLover_15 DoveLover_15 Jun 02, 2017
Reading this after reading raindrops 1 month ago 😂😂😂
camzjergi_ camzjergi_ Aug 30, 2017
yooo this true tho the more i fought what i was feeling the more it grew
secretbeauty13 secretbeauty13 May 17, 2016
I love Tiana. Thank you dreamfreak for writing this one. After I read Raindrops, I just want to know about Tiana and Bailey's love story. Thanks.