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⠀ By yeouki Updated Jul 18, 2019

to protect mankind, every man is accompanied with a personal guardian angel or demon when they are born to the world until the end of their life. 

guardians can only be seen, heard, and touched by a few of people, including katsuki bakugo himself. after years spent together, shoto todoroki, a demon assigned to be katsuki's guardian, has developed a fierce interest in katsuki and does not just see him as someone who he needs to protect but also, someone who he needs to own. 

simply put, katsuki is stuck with an obsessive and possessive guardian demon and he can never escape as long as he is still alive, yet he as hell does not want to kill himself because of this. shoto wants him, badly, and he will have him. 

for sure. 

what awaits when protection leads into an adoration, adoration leads into an obsession, obsession then leads into an addiction . . . ?