The Nerds Secret Life

The Nerds Secret Life

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Isabella Snow Rose By isabellasnow Completed

Hey names Angel Star number One Dancer around the world I've been everywhere Paris, Japan, America I love all of them also My Fans are so amazing.  

Hey names Vicky san I'm a nerd a ugly, fat  well that’s what people call me but I have a secret you see no one know part from my best friends Vince and Kyle   

Angel and Vicky have two different lives but what connects them together hmm………Oh that’s right they are the same person

Special_DiNoSaur Special_DiNoSaur Feb 16, 2016
Hehehe physical education 😂😂. When I hear it 
                              It makes me laugh every time
JazzyJL JazzyJL Sep 04, 2016
Pssshhh I dunno what the others are saying but GORGEPHY is my favourite subject!! 👌😉
rainhugs rainhugs Jul 20, 2015
Who knows, maybe it's about the places where the most gory things happened
GrazielaEncarnacion GrazielaEncarnacion Apr 16, 2015
u changed it from the last time I read this story now it is even better
unitarto unitarto Dec 06, 2014
The Hennessy venom gt spyder? I think I just drooled! Yea so I like mah cars and imma girl! Deal with it! :D