A bad boy gets, what a bad boy wants

A bad boy gets, what a bad boy wants

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Miraculous_wannabe By Marichat_queen Updated Jul 12

In most stories, Cat noir/Adrien is known to be a bad boy, but in this AU it's a little different. Cat noir, being known to be one of the most wanted criminals of Paris and being the leader of Miraculers. A dangerous group of criminals just like him, Volpina, Queen bee, and Carapace.

Of course, they all know each other's identities, so they have their ways of communicating. One day, Adrien's father, Gabriel Agreste has announced that his son will finally start attending a public school, since Adrien's grades have dropped. But the blonde boy won't be alone however, his friends will have to join him too.

All his friends known to be rich, hate the fact of going to school full of low-lives, especially Chloé. But what Adrien never suspected, was that he'd end up falling for a goody-two shoes bakery girl...

(Read more to find out!😌 ⚠️I don't own Miraculous Ladybug nor the characters, all credits go to the original creators, Thomas Astruc and Jeremy Zag. I don't own the cover either, I only edited it!! All credits go to the artist! Swearing, violence, and a bit smut😓, fluff too etc.⚠️)

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