Melinda and Avery have been enemies since freshman year, because Mel turned Avery down. There hell bent on making life for each other misserable, so what happens when they wake up in the other person's body? Follow this story as hlarious situations occur, and a new frendship is made and may turn into something more...
Lol, I live in a world of short people...I'm  5'11 and my boyfriend @Dean_Castiel_W_ (we finally got together) is 5'6 I have to bend over 5000 feet to give him a hug XD
I read this back in 2011 with my best friend. We stayed up all night to finish it! I can't wait to read it all over again!
i just looked at the picture, wow, its channing tatum. and im already loving this story...pls write more with CT as the leading man..plssss...
Avery isn't that a girl name unless it's a unisex name anyway...continue..
Re-reading!! I read it a few mos ago and just started thing about it again. Can't wait to fall in love with it all over again!!
I just love this book!!! I have read it so many times and I love it more each time.