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The Man Of My Dreams~Not the best of dreams.

The Man Of My Dreams~Not the best of dreams.

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Sarah By cookiieloveXX Updated Mar 25, 2011

I have come to warn you of 'the man of my dreams' - because i dreamt of him... no literally. he is a deciever, a liar, monster and it's our job not to follow him. Big and powerful? yeah sure...the catch? he'll lead you to Hell, and no, his not pretty. He says his a messenger, than says his God! but his neither. He'll preform some tricks to make you believe that his God, maybe like bring a person back to life? but his decieving you. My warning to you, about the man of my dreams....

I_Love_Allah I_Love_Allah Jun 23, 2013
Subhanallah Ya Allah protect us from the Dajjal and Ya Allah strengthen our imaan Ameen Ya Rabb
                              Masha Allah , Jazakallah habibati for posting this, not only does it make me worried about my akhira but about ma this life 
                              And i have heard about the Dajjal 
                              Update plz :(
MissGlamourPink MissGlamourPink Dec 03, 2012
thnx sis dis has helped me lot jazak allah 'kair  
                              May Allah (swt) protect us all from him. Ameen
cookiemania cookiemania Aug 20, 2012
ATM I am actually studying AL - KAHF at mosque and Mashallah to you sister x -eid mubarak x
cookiieloveXX cookiieloveXX Nov 28, 2011
@sarah007 walikum wasalam wa rahmatu ALLAHi wa baraktuhu
                              ameen and jazakALLAHukheir
sarah007 sarah007 Nov 27, 2011
Assalammuralaikum thanks for sharing sister.May Allah protect us all from him.