CHANGE - Book 1  (A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)

CHANGE - Book 1 (A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction)

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Luke Hemmings has been Aimee's dream boy for as long as she can remember. He is all she ever thinks about. She's completely and utterly infatuated with him. But the trouble is, he doesn't even know her name. Luke is isolated and is hurting deep inside, and no one can quite figure out why. But when Luke finally notices Aimee, and starts to feel a connection that he thought he could never feel again, everything will change.

Bruh I was in love with him since the beginning when he was doing YouTube.... What about you.?!? When were YOU in love with him?
Luke's lane BT I love all of them the same 💜💜❤❤❤😚
This is me I swear cos my name is spelt the same and I love luke
_cucumbers _cucumbers Sep 29, 2015
Is it just me, or does Ashton always ends up being the best friend in Luke Hemmings fanfics