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Deviant (adj.) Straying from usual or accepted standards/expectations
Deviant (n.) Someone whose behavior falls far outside of society's norms
16 Year Old Natalie Marie Evans never seemed to be "normal." Since the mere age of 8, she has been bullied mercilessly because of one main factor: her obesity.

At the end of sophomore year, one bullying incident goes too far. Suddenly, she finds herself losing her grip onto what little she has left of herself. Nat then sets out on a journey to find herself again. Along the way, with the help of her best friend Zach, she discovers a new-found passion: Football.

After enduring all of this, she realizes the one thing that saved her in whole is also the one thing she can't exercise freely. 
Can Nat really sit on the sidelines and watch the action play out in front of her very eyes WITHOUT being included?
The answer is simple: No.
After all, she is a deviant.

But what happens when she finds out that life is a lot like football: You may be able to block your fears, tackle challenges, and score whenever you get the opportunity, but it doesn't always end up with a win.

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writerat14street writerat14street Jun 01, 2017
Don't do it never let others get on u that's wat my parents always tell me always trust who u r not what others tell u.I'm literally crying
so theres is not one fat person in that crowd chanting ? That is just plain rude
writerat14street writerat14street Jun 01, 2017
Bitch I would of been kicking,punching everything if someone tried to jump me or anybody I know so don't mess wit any of the people I know I am a very protective but very vilant person.😡😡😡😡✌✌
amayer65 amayer65 Dec 01, 2016
Omg she did it 😭😭😭in crying so hard right now that so horrible
AminaTullu AminaTullu Feb 06, 2016
i never cry but when she said "i'm sorry Zach", mmm, did those come out.  But I think it will turn out right. right?  Please do or i will will get pissed, no worries tho cause it'll be fine, it always is and better be.
-QueenHerondale- -QueenHerondale- Jun 13, 2016
Oh god no!! Please tell me that this never happens in real life. :(